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Macna Membranes All membranes, no matter what brand or construction, will block water but can let water vapor through. But it will only do so under certain circumstances. Let’s forget about the differences in specs and quality of the membranes for a while and concentrate on the principle. The key word is difference. There will […]


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Light and dry? Raintex DL will keep water out. Not only away from your shirt but completely outside the jacket. The breathable waterproof layer is laminated directly to the outer shell, leaving no space in between these layers to store water. Because only the outer shell will get wet, the jacket will dry fast and […]


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Loose layers in your sleeve stick to your watch or are just a big mess. Easy Cuff creates a nice and tidy sleeve. Waterproof up to the rim, and easy to access whenever you’re quickly changing the jackets’ set up. With the connection between detachable membrane and outer shell placed at the outside, accessing it […]