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Adjust the height of your knee protectors
All Macna pants have knee protector pockets with height adjust ability. In order to have the best comfort make sure you put the protector at the right height. Take note that the protector will be slightly in a low position when standing and move to the right spot when the knee is in the riding angle.

Check your size accurately!
Best comfort and safety is achieved when wearing the right size. Especially wearing a too big size will cause blowing up and flattering. It cause loss of control and because of poor aerodynamics it could influence your sight. Also will protectors remain in place when wearing the proper size. When they have too much room they might slip out of place during a crash.

How to operate your zippers
A zipper is a great invention. Easy to use, quick to close and open. However, they are not bombproof. Your zippers will remain in good shape when you avoid pulling (too) hard. Use them in a straight direction and try to operate them without bends as much as possible.

Improve the lifetime of your waterproof gloves
When taking of waterproof gloves it will expand the lifetime when you hold the fingertips properly when taking of the glove. The membrane is a loose layer inside (except with Outdry) which is attached at the fingertips, to keep it in place.

Make sure they see you!
A black suit is beautiful and will withstand the different fashion periods best. For your visibility however it is better to choose a bright or lighter color, or even better, a neon yellow color version. Not as fashionable but at least you will draw everyone’s attention effortlessly.

More safety with a CE backprotector
All Macna jacket’s have a CE back protector prepared pocket in the liner. Mounting the optional CE back protector will increase the safety of your jacket significantly.

Speed up the drying time of your motorcycle gear
Removing the waterproof membrane will speed up the drying time. In that way both the inside as the outside will be able to get plenty of fresh and dry air.

This is how we stay dry

  • Prevent a “bath tub” on your jacket.
    Waterproof jackets always have several front flaps with overlap to avoid water running in. When used properly this works perfectly. Leaking can occur whenever the front flap is not straight down, with places where water is collected. Keep it straight so you stay dry!
  • Connect your pant and jackets right.
    Make sure when connecting a jacket to pants with a conventional waterproof system with detachable membrane, you connect the pants in such a way that the jackets’ membrane lays over the pants.
  • Wear your gloves inside your sleeve!
    The only really waterproof way to use waterproof jackets and gloves is to wear the glove inside the jackets’ sleeve. Water will always run into your gloves when worn over the sleeve. Macna’s EasyCuff will make it simple to slip your glove in and can be closed tight enough to avoid wind blowing in from the front.

Even with waterproof motorcycle gear you can feel wet.
A waterproof jacket or pant will keep rain out and keeps you dry. But when temperatures are high, moisture will build up inside the jacket or pants. It might seem not waterproof but this is merely moist from your body.

Twin Shell can also be used as a rain jacket
When you have a Macna jacket with Twin Shell (Chameleon for example), you can also use the outer shell as separate “casual” rain jacket while you’re not riding your bike.

What to do after a (small) crash?

  • Seams
    Always check your products carefully after a crash. Seams can look intact but might not withstand a second hit. Protectors can also have taken an impact which is hardly visible afterward, but they might not be able to protect you a second time properly.
  • Waterproof
    Waterproofness can also be lost as taped seams have been under strain and hair cracks may have occurred in the membrane or waterproof coating.